Scenic Flight over Melbourne

To go with our awesome wedding, we received an awesome wedding gift from a very dear friend: A Scenic Flight for 2 over Melbourne.  We took off from Essendon Fields and headed for Williamstown.  After dropping from 1500 to 200 meters to view Williamstown, we flew over the beach toward Port Melbourne and Albert Park. It was really fun to see Spirit of Tasmania and our apartment from above!  After flying over Port Melbourne, the pilot headed for Albert Park while requesting an orbit of the city.  Because we were wearing headphones, we could hear everything air traffic control said to the pilot!  We heard them grant us permission to orbit the city; we heard them warn our pilot that there was other traffic or helicopters flying below us.  As we flew over the city, our pilot, Tuk, pointed out different buildings and sights that we see everyday.  It was fascinating to see from above!  This is definitely something we will do the next time we move to a new city; this is definitely something that we will tell our guests to do.  It turns out, Melbourne is a beautiful city!

Melbourne from Essendon Fields

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If you’re interested in taking this tour, let me know and I’ll send you our pilot’s details!

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