The Difference Between a Bachelorette Party & a Hen’s Night…

…is the continent that you live on.  I am blessed enough to have darling friends (and family who are friends) in both America and Australia who threw me a Bachelorette Party and a Hen’s Night.

My Bachelorette Party, thrown in Minneapolis, was hosted by my sister Jackie and cousin Jessi.  They rented rooms at the Hotel Minneapolis, invited everyone I love, made adorable decorations and laid out a bar crawl (which we really didn’t stick to).

My girls in Melbourne (Carrie, Jess & Meghan) threw me a Hen’s Night in Hawaiian Theme.  The rented a limo to take us to take us to a Hawaiian themed bar called Luwow which was our launch point for a Fitzroy Bar Crawl/Dance Party.

I had an amazing time at both parties and feel blessed to have these ladies in my life!

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