Happy Birthday from Darwin

In that same Jetstar sale back in May where we bought our Brisbane tickets, we also purchased tickets to go to Darwin for my birthday weekend.  I had over 6 months to look forward to this trip and did absolutely no research until the Monday, 3 days, before we left. Given that I left all […]

Toast to the Coast

We live in one of Australia’s many wine countries and have not visited any.  Fortunately, Geelong plans an annual tasting event with a bussing service: Toast to the Coast.  We signed up for both the tasting tickets and the bus tickets. Our friends had gone the year prior and suggested that we arrive early and […]

3 Days in Brisbane

Someone told us to go to Brisbane in August because the weather is wonderful there and shitty in Melbourne.  For our American friends, this is like going to Florida in February.  Naturally, when Jetstar had a fare sale back in May, we choose a weekend in August and bought tickets.  Unfortunately, the weekend we chose […]

3 Day Road Trip to Adelaide

Australia’s relationship with the queen is fascinating!  Australia is a constitutional monarchy, which means they operate under the rules and regulations of a constitutional government, much like what I am used to in the USA, but they recognize the Queen as the Head of State.  The Queen is not involved in day-to-day affairs of the […]

3 days in Kuala Lumpur

Because Easter and ANZAC Day fell in the same week this year, we were able to take 3 days off work and have 10 days of vacation!  Immediately following our trip to Bali we headed to Kuala Lumpur to spend the ANZAC long weekend.  This trip was definitely the tale of extremes!  Bali was so rural, beautiful […]


“How very Australian of you!” said everyone I told that we were going to Bali over Easter.  Even better, most of my team at work was there at the same time as we were, though not one of them had the experience that we did.  We are adventure travelers; we want to see and do […]

Can I move my dogs to Australia? (The final installment)

Late last year, I made two posts about moving my fur-babies to Australia.  (Can I move my dogs to Australia? (part 1) and Can I move my dogs to Australia? (part 2))  I left you without resolution on my import permits, which I’m sure by now you’ve figured out were awarded, and without the remaining […]