The Great Ocean Road

Gary & Carolyn’s Epic Australian Adventure (part 2) In the two and a half years that we’ve traveled this massive, beautiful country, I believe that the Great Ocean Road is one of the most beautiful places that exists here.  It was our first weekend away when we moved here (The Great Ocean Road in 2 […]

The Yarra Valley

Gary & Carolyn’s Epic Australian Adventure (part 1) As we were planning their trip, my Mom and I discussed that a day of wine tasting in the Yarra Valley would be fun, and beautiful.  Fortunately, all of our friends also LOVE wine and a day was already in the cards.  After all, Lynette, Aaron and […]

Swimming with the Whale Sharks

Since I moved to Australia, I became aware of Whale Sharks.  A shark that filter feeds and is as harmless to a human as most whales.  Once a year they migrate up the west coast of Australia along the Ningaloo Reef.  The eco-tour companies at Coral Bay and Exmouth conduct Whale Shark Swimming Tours, which […]

2014 in 12 Pictures

2014 was a big year for us.  We moved across the world, made new friends, caught up with old friends, travelled a lot and got married.  I challenged myself (and Ben) to think through the past 12 months, choose the highlights and find a photo to go with it. January We went to our first […]

Happy Birthday from Darwin

In that same Jetstar sale back in May where we bought our Brisbane tickets, we also purchased tickets to go to Darwin for my birthday weekend.  I had over 6 months to look forward to this trip and did absolutely no research until the Monday, 3 days, before we left. Given that I left all […]

Toast to the Coast

We live in one of Australia’s many wine countries and have not visited any.  Fortunately, Geelong plans an annual tasting event with a bussing service: Toast to the Coast.  We signed up for both the tasting tickets and the bus tickets. Our friends had gone the year prior and suggested that we arrive early and […]

3 Days in Brisbane

Someone told us to go to Brisbane in August because the weather is wonderful there and shitty in Melbourne.  For our American friends, this is like going to Florida in February.  Naturally, when Jetstar had a fare sale back in May, we choose a weekend in August and bought tickets.  Unfortunately, the weekend we chose […]

The Zoos of Melbourne

So…it’s been a while.  I’ve been too busy doing awesome things and planning our wedding to write about the awesome things that we’ve been doing.  For those of you getting your posts from Facebook, I’m sorry if I clutter it up with posts over the next couple of days, but I have to get caught […]